Monday, May 20, 2013

Mud Run 2013

Philip, Keenan and I ran our first Mud Run on Saturday! It was put on by Heart of the Bride and the proceeds benefited orphans in Africa, Haiti, India and Ukraine!

What is a mud race?    Ours was a 5K with several mudpits and obstacles, including: a rope climb, cargo net, rope web, monkey bars, sand bag tote, ramp climb, over under mud pit, tire run, mud mountains, hurdles, and hay stacks.

A few thoughts on this race:

1. It deserved more respect than I allotted it beforehand.   In my mind it was "Just another 5K with some mud and a few obstacles thrown in."  Right?  Not so.   After going through the first mud pit, we took on so much extra weight in mud that it made it Significantly harder to run!    There was also a lot of trail running (all of our training was on roads), as well as running in grass, sand, gravel and a lot more elevation change than we had anticipated.  Each obstacle saps a little more of your strength so that the next stretch of running is harder than the one before.

2. It was hard, but really fun to do as a couple.

3. I TOTALLY want to do it again and already have a name and design ideas for our shirts next year.

All clean Before...

On our shirts =)

We didn't have anyone at the race with us, so these two pictures I got off the website are the only ones I have of us doing the run...

Final Mud Pit


NOT so clean After!

Our shoes


Also on my shirt

Our finishing time was 36 minutes and 58 seconds.  Out of the 1,768 people who ran the Challenger 5K, we placed 154th and 155th.

This is after we rinsed off!
(That red mud doesn't budge!)

Keenan did the kids 1.5 mile run.  He has been soooo excited about this race for weeks!

He and Moriah in their race day shirts

Race bib on and ready to go!

Heading to the start line with some friends from CC and the Grays =)

Philip and Alaina with our three runners

Off they go!

* Philip ran with Keenan and took pictures, and I watched at a couple of the obstacles and took pictures, so His race was well covered! =)

First mud pit - Keenan wasted no time in getting covered! =)

At the over under mud pit - this totally cracks me up!  In the second picture he is entirely submerged!

Heading up the ramp to the giant slip and slide!

He and Nora Jane are in the middle

Dominating the hurdles!

At the tire run

Hay stacks

At the top of the first mud mountain

Running down

Second last mud pit

There he goes!

At the finish!

That's one dirty, happy kid!

So proud of Keenan (and also proud of Philip for doing an additional mile and a half after finishing our race!)

Love this

Mud even in his eyelashes

They had a fire truck to spray off the runners

Part of the cheer team

We, along with thousands of others donated our shoes to be cleaned and given to those in need

These bags are all full of shoes!

After Keenan got cleaned up, he went and tried out some of the huge slides at the event

While we three had a little snack picnic in the grass

Then it was off to Chick Fil A for an early dinner and a milk shake for dessert and early to bed for all... =)


Rebekah Storey said...

That looks like it was a riot! What an accomplishment. I so wish we could have been there to run it with you!

Mary Edith said...

I LOVE Keenan totally submerged in the mudpit! :)

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love these pictures Joia. Too funny! My favourite is the picture of you and Philip with you rising from the mud with a look of victory on your face! It looks like you had a lot of fun :)

Mom W. said...

Yes, I liked the one with you both in the mud and Philip looking like he was about to have a mud baptism!!! Imagine Keenan going completely under and not minding... Wow! Good job all of you!!

Mom E said...

well again... commented on FB but loved seeing all the extra shots here. I still can't get over Keenan being completely submerged in the over under mud pit. It looked like a totally fun time and the perfect spot for a boy like Keenan.