Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just some Fun Stuff

On Monday night, a bunch of friends and I celebrated Nathalie's 30th birthday (a week late). We went to Clemenza's, an Italian restaurant I hadn't been to yet, and it was fantastic!

The birthday girl

Wonderful friends!

Some randoms:

Keenan with Spunky being a goof

Caleb taking a post nap nap on me =)

Time to wash the jeep...

The kids LOVED this!

Scrub a dub

Caleb played more in the bucket of soapy water than he washed.. =)

Out for dinner with our friends, Eric and Whitney who are moving soon! =0/

Fun patriotic nails at MOPS today =)

How I found Caleb in the nursery =)


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Mom E said...

Fun nails! Sweet Caleb. Amazed he fell asleep in that little seat. and what? A restaurant you hadn't been to? Amazed. :)