Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Times

The last few days around here...

This totally cracked me up - Caleb was being nosy about what was going on in Keenan's room while he was getting in trouble =)

We got a piano!!   My friend's neighbors were moving to Spain and didn't want to take it, so we got it for a great deal!   Keenan is super excited to take lessons in the fall, and I'm already finding my "piano fingers" again.  Fun times! =)

Happy little fingers (and happy me, messing around with my new camera and lens!)

Philip and I went out on a nice date last night (thanks, Dad Dooley for the Carrabba's gift card from Christmas!) , while Josh (who's family is out of town) babysat the kids!

Today we spent most of the day at Lincoln Park, enjoying the beautiful weather, good food, and fun times on the jet ski with our friends!


These two can be so sweet together

It's a hard life we have...

So curious..

Happy Memorial Day weekend, and may we always remember and honor those who serve and have served

Not wanting to let go of Bunny after nap

Smiley in pink

Watching our friends on the jet ski

Eric, Macie and Emerson were Born to ride!

Me getting my need for speed out of my system =)

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Mom E said...

Oh my LOL, LOL, LOL, knowing Caleb was on the floor "being nosey" just cracked me up!! that's so funny! And the pic of Moriah sitting with Caleb in their chairs was beyond sweet. Love, Mom