Monday, May 27, 2013

Gate to Gate Run

Eglin Air Force Base hosts this run every year for 1,500 people.    It Used to run from the gate on one side of base to the gate on the other side, but has since been changed (likely due to security measures) to a loop in the middle of base.  Not nearly as cool.   I had never run it before, but decided that it would be cool to do one base event while we live here, so I signed up.    From what all my friends said, it was going to be rough... HOT, no shade, never enough water stations, and there was some decent elevation climbs.  Oh well, I was gonna do it.   4.4 miles and my goal was 40 minutes.

 Waving to my hot photographer =)

 This is the Real face of running, right here, folks

Finish line!

So, my time was 41 minutes and 22 seconds, not quite what I had hoped.  BUT... when we were looking at the online results, this was the "gun time" (the time from when the starting gun went off, till I crossed the finish line).    They also posted my "net time" (the time from when I crossed the start line until I crossed the finish line).   Since there were hundreds of people in front of me when the gun went off, (and no space to run), it took me about a minute to cross the start line, so I was only about 20 seconds off my goal!  Yay!

I placed 439th out of 1,131 runners, and 19th out of 82 in my age division.

All in all, it went better than I expected, not as hot as in years past, plenty of water, but the last (loong) hill before the finish was a beast!

 With some fellow Canadians!   He has been stationed here for two years through a military exchange program.  Their son was at VPK with Keenan and we keep running into them at events =)

 My little man

 I love this one

 Keenan and Moriah ran the kids 1/2 mile fun run

 Keenan's got his serious face on

 ...and Moriah has a silly one on

 Keenan approaching the finish

 Second place!   3.38!

 Philip ran with Moriah and Keenan ran the last little bit with her

 She also had a great time!   6.05!

 All in our race shirts


 The handsome guys across the table =)


Mom E said...

I'm so proud of Keenan for placing 2nd and for Moriah running it in 6 min!! I just think that's amazing and it was oh-so-sweet that Keenan went back and ran with his little sister. That's love, I tell ya'. and good job on meeting your goal + 20 secs too, Joia.

Paula Kiger said...

This was the second year I had done this race and I really love it (agree would have LOVED a true "gate to gate" but we'll take what we can get!).

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I'm so proud of you! (And a tad bit jealous. Hoping I can start exercising again someday!)