Monday, May 13, 2013

Friends and Stuff

I got some cute shots of the kids the other day when we were babysitting at the Storeys:

Keenan and Moriah sure are going to miss these kids when they move in July!

Judah and Moriah reading books together

Such great buds

They just may get married someday...

The big brothers playing with Lego

...and then some random stuff from the past few days...

I loved having dark hair for a change, but when it didn't wash out like it was supposed to (it was non-permanent), and my roots started showing through pretty badly, it was time to get some professional help.   Three and a half hours later and more money than I'd like to talk about... I have my (pretty close to) natural color back.   Yay!

Cute necklace we made at MOPS this week!  I love it!

Caleb climbed up on Moriah's chair behind her and leaned over her shoulder for bites of her applesauce! =)  Hilarious!

We drove to New Orleans (a four hour drive) Thursday night and stayed overnight so we'd be there in time for my 9 AM appointment for fingerprinting for my citizenship paperwork.  It went Amazingly well and we were actually out of there before my appointment time even rolled around!

Since we didn't know how long we'd be waiting at the office, we opted to leave Caleb with Alaina overnight.  He had a GREAT time (I will post pictures when I get them).

The two big kids conked out on the way home

When we picked Caleb up, he didn't seem all that happy to see us, since he'd had so much fun being doted on by four people for a day and a half! =)   It was nice to see that later in the day, he still wanted his Momma... =)

Snuggle after bath

He Always holds a handful of my hair when he snuggles (guess I'd better not cut it anytime soon)!


Mark and Rebekah said...

I love your pictures Joia! They're always so bright and happy :)

I hope you have a great week,
Love Rebekah

Mom W. said...

So sorry you have to say good bye to good friends again!!

Mom E said...

yes, saying goodbye to the Storey's, very sad indeed. Caleb holding your hair when he snuggles - priceless.