Monday, May 27, 2013

Birthday fun

Yesterday was a wonderful birthday.   32 isn't so bad at all... =)

We had a delicious lunch at Devin and Melissa's (roast and all the fixin's!) and we picked up a DQ cake for dessert.

 When the woman brought it out, it said "Happy Birthday Join!"  =)


 I took an up to date picture of the Pennys on their deck (since the last one was in the hospital!)

My love and I

Philip got me some cool accessories to go with the new camera, as well as the whole DVD set of Anne of Green Gables - woohoo!!!

Last night we went for a nice family walk with the dog to a park.   Perfect day.   

Praise God from whom All blessings flow!

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Mom E said...

So happy you had fun on your b'day. The pic of the Penny's was great and of course, it's always nice to see the 2 of you together.