Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Happenings

Here's a random collection of things we've been up to lately:

Goofy kids

At a playdate with MOPS friends

One of my little climbers

Boys at snack time

One of my new favorite "easy, throw together" meals
Baked potato topped with refried black beans, red peppers, onions, tomatoes avocado and plain yogurt... Soo good!

Silly Caleb snuggling a trash bag full of his dirty diapers - gross!

We usually have picnics with Myrtle several times a year... this was our first one of the season.   The weather was Gorgeous, the day was perfect, the food was delicious... Just a perfect afternoon with a sweet friend. =)

Watching people swim at the end of the boardwalk

I Love how happy he is here!
Our little sweetie (with a banged up chin from biting the road while running in flip flops)

These pictures crack me up - neither one turned out very well!

Moriah was Quite proud of herself for climbing up on this fence (with her brownie in hand!)

Keenan's turn

This is the life, sittin' on a fence, with a Dr. Pepper and a brownie =)

Caleb sneaking a sip of Keenan's Dr. Pepper =)

Our new jogger!  Woohoo!

Philip and I took part in the "Run for Boston" event on April 17th
*Thousands of runners across the world ran on this day, wearing either blue or yellow (the Boston Marathon colors) in honor and support of the people affected by the bombs on Monday.

Keenan during a training run at the track
(He and Moriah have a one mile race this Saturday)

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Mom W. said...

Fun post!! Cute kids... won't see you all on here until Tuesday next week... =) Have a good weekend, we have a wedding tomorrow in Ft. Erie!! Love you all.

PS... Hi to Myrtle, she looks great!!