Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mish Mash Wednesday

Here are some accumulated pictures from various days and events:

Caleb spilled a bowl of frosted flakes everywhere... and then sat down to eat them up =)

He is such a goof and is at SUCH a fun stage right now!

Silly faces I made for the kids for lunch a few days ago

Bedtime story with Daddy (I love Caleb's face in this one!)

Last Saturday, we got out our portable firepit for the first time and roasted hot dogs after Caleb went to bed...

Love these two 

Happy roasters!

It was so much fun!

On Sunday, we had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with the Grays, the Pennys and Melissa's family who's visiting.  This is the only picture I took:

Three day old Treyson and his cool mom =)

Silly boy wearing Keenan's hat

Today the kids and I went to Pensacola with a bunch of other homeschoolers to see a show at Pensacola Christian College's planetarium, called "The Heavens Declare".  It was fantastic!

Beforehand, we hung out at the mall, did a little shopping and had lunch...

Cool people take pictures of themselves in the bathroom

Keenan was more than happy to push =)

Moriah heading for space!

Caleb rockin' the vacuum cleaner like a pro

Keenan loves the option on our new jogger to move the handle down to his height =)

Three napping kids on the way home... =)

Keenan recently did the CAT (California Achievement Test).   It wasn't mandatory, but it was available and we thought we'd have him do it just to see where he's at.    He did it at Rocky Bayou Christian School with a sweet woman, Debi, who is a huge supporter of home schoolers in the area.  He had a great time and asked if he could do it again! =)   

The test evaluates:

  • Visual Recognition 
  • Sound Recognition
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Language Mechanics
  • Language Expression
  • Math Computation
  • Math Concept and Applications
It covered things like telling time, using a calendar, punctuation, capitalization, counting money, spelling, as well as adding and subtracting single and double digits, etc...

When we got the results, Keenan scored above grade level in everything and overall was at a grade 1/2 level.   We're so proud of him!

(He got 100% on the "Listening and Following Directions" section.  Aha!   We sure called him out on that one! =)


Mom W. said...

Oh Oh Keenan, shouldn't have let them know you could listen and do Everything... ;) Good to get an evaluation... I wasn't surprised!! The planetarium presentation sounds cool!!

Mom W. said...

PS. I like Caleb's funny smiles too!!