Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Major Happenings =)

Philip was promoted to major, effective April 28th, and his promotion ceremony was today!   Exciting stuff!

Last time leaving the house with Captain ranks on =)

Keenan with the card he made for Philip
"Daddy, I hope you have a good time being Major!  Love, Keenan"

Moriah's (and she wrote it all by herself!) says:
"Congratulations Major Daddy"

I got a huge cake from Publix
(and I had a small piece)

The coin I put on the cake

Moriah's special nails for the occasion

Me goofing around and wearing one of Philip's major ranks as an earring =)

Lt Col (Dr) Paulson, the program director, was the Presiding Officer
Here he is administering the Oath of Office

Taking off the old ranks...

The kids putting on the new ones

Major-ly handsome!

Doing his thank you speech

I'm so proud of my man!

Happy family

1st Lt Earl was the narrator for the ceremony
(he is one of the nurses on Philip's team)

Moriah and I with our beautiful roses from Philip

Caleb tuckered out in the van (with his balloon trailing in the back) =)

... and the first time he came home wearing Major ranks! =)

Congratulations, Philip!   We love you and are soo proud of you!


Mark and Rebekah said...

"Congratulations Major Daddy" - so CUTE!

Congratulations Philip!

(Oh, and you have a beautiful family!)

The Woodfords said...

Congratulations - very exciting news!! Loved all the pictures!

Love, Steph

Anonymous said...

congratulations Philip!! its well deserved!

Rob said...

Majorly impressed!! Congratulations Philip. Looks like a major cake too, are you expected to eat all that yourself. Seems like a major accomplishment if so.

Mom W. said...

Rob... majorly funny??? Congratulations Philip, we are proud of you too!!! Hope you don't mind all the puns from this punny family you married into! Good job!! The cake was cool! and JOia you SO could have made that cake!! =) (but I know... it is nice not to have to)

Mom E said...

...and I once again made all my comments on FB but just wanted to say that I 'majorly' appreciate you being the great woman "behind the man". I have played the video Philip sent me of the ceremony over and over again and each time I see something different in it. I'm so thrilled he was able to get that done for me. I'm still so sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I know it was a special family time for all of you. It was so cute to see the kids pinning Philip's new rank on him! How very majorly special. ;).

Love, Mom