Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last Day of CC!

Today was our last Classical Conversations class until next school year!

Keenan's presentation for today

A close up - We have been talking about orchestra and Classical music at CC, so when I saw this Lego orchestra at Legoland, I knew it would be great for a presentation!

Keenan's lego shirt that I ordered on Etsy for him to wear at his Lego birthday party
It took a month to get here and arrived two weeks later.

Moriah wanted a picture with Caleb and he wanted Keenan to be in it too, and grabbed his hand! =)

Gifts for the kids teachers/nursery workers at CC

Miss Gerri and Miss Melissa

Keenan's teacher, Mrs. Mucher, and his class

This is a more realistic picture

We have had a GREAT first year of CC as we start this homeschooling journey!    The final ceremonies are in a couple weeks, which will be exciting. =)

Couple randoms...

 Moriah blowing bubbles (that she bought with her own money)

 A super delish quesadilla I had for lunch a couple days ago
(kale pesto, spinach, roasted red peppers, avocado and mozzarella) 

Cupcakes I made yesterday (but didn't eat)
I was too lazy to make frosting, so (since I had a huge bag of marshmallows I had just bought for 50 cents) I used an idea I remembered seeing online.  After the cupcakes were baked, I topped each one with a marshmallow, put them under the broiler until they reached a perfect golden brown, took them out, mashed them down a bit and topped them with chocolate drizzle.  Voila!  Easiest cupcakes ever. 


Mark and Rebekah said...

As usual, I love your pictures :)
Your cupcakes look scrumptious. I think I'll try making them next time...
Love you, and hope the rest of your week is awesome :)

Mom W. said...

Cool idea with the marshmallows and great project Keenan!!! Sounds like you are still pretty upbeat about Home educating for being at the end of the year Joia! Can't say I always was... teachers need their summers... right Rebekah?? Good job all of you!!!

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