Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kid Dates: Round Two

This week we did dates with the kids again. This time it was boys together and girls together.

Moriah and I had a blast!
Cute girl all excited in the backseat on the way =)

First stop:  Bippy's Frozen Yogurt - Moriah was soo excited that they had Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored frozen yogurt!

Since I'm still not eating dessert, I had a delicious bowl of fruit, granola and sunflower seeds!  Yum!

Happy girls

Next stop:  The park

Moriah climbed all the way to the top of the rope structure!

So proud

So sweet

Last stop:  A fun, girly store where we bought some accesories and jewelry
(Here's Moriah modeling her new hairband and necklace)

...and smiley face ring (all for only $1 each!)

While we were doing that, the boys (all three) loaded up and got ice cream at Dairy Queen and then headed to Anderson Pond to set up camp!

Keenan getting a tent pole ready while Caleb supervises

Keenan pumping up an air mattress and Caleb checking out the inside of the tent

The fire pit all ready

Finished tent

Then later, that evening, Philip and both kids went back to spend the night...

Fire time!

Both kids look totally weird here, and the picture quality isn't good, but they were excited to have a fire and make s'mores!

I love this one =)

All snuggled in the for the night

The next morning, showing off the pretty campsite

...and having some Pringles with breakfast =)

Keenan took this one of Moriah! =)

Caleb and I sort of had a date too, while they were camping.    It was Very strange though, putting him to bed and then having the house be completely empty!

I heard a noise outside that freaked me out, and then discovered (when I tried to lock it), that the lock on our patio door doesn't work.  This bothered me, so I scrounged around and found various pieces of wood (and blocks) to fill the space (every millimeter of it!) to make sure that the door couldn't slide at all! =)

 A little odd, but very effective =)

When he woke up in the morning (a little early for my liking), I brought Caleb in bed with me and he slept on my chest for another 75 minutes!   How sweet...

We then had a very relaxed morning, ate breakfast, went for a run and then hung out while we waited for the others to get back.

All you really need is a pair of antlers =)

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Mom W. said...

It looks like the cat was going to guard the door for you... fierce guard CAT!!! =) Caleb is hilarious with just the antlers on!! So fun that Philip and the other kids could camp!! Good thing it didn't rain!!