Saturday, April 20, 2013

Heritage 5K/1 Mile races

Today was a super awesome day! It started out early with Philip and I running a 5K right here in our little town.    It was chilly, (which turned out well), and a bit windy, but we were still able to meet our goal of less than 28 minutes.. and finished in 27 minutes and 45 seconds!   (I was especially excited about this, because I had absentmindedly donated blood two days ago and had also somehow forgotten to drink Any water before the race this morning!)  

Philip got second place for the male 30-34 age category and I got third place for females.

Keenan and Moriah did the kid's one mile race.    Moriah was cold and really bothered by the wind, so didn't have very much fun, but she finished (in 14.30) and we were very proud of her!

Keenan rocked it out and blew us away with an 8 minute, 13 second mile!  Wow!!  

Daddy and his runners

All of us who ran

A (huge) gorgeous German Shepherd that was there

What a big suck =)

When it was time for the awards...

Keenan got First place in his age category!

So shocked!

So happy =)

After the race, we went home and changed and then came back for the Saturday in the Park festivities.    There were a ton of vendors, entertainment, food and games for the kids...

Love these two cuties on the back of a fire truck!

Riah in the driver's seat

Sporting their hats

Cute boy in the jogger

Keenan trying ou thte driver's seat of the big truck

"Hmmm... let's give this a whirl..."

"Well, that other one seems to be broken, let's see if this one works"

Moriah getting her face painted

Pink butterfly all done

Caleb chowing down some kettle corn

Our race shirts
(not terribly awesome)

We did more fun stuff after that, but I'll talk about that in another post... =)


The Woodfords said...

That's really neat, Joia - a fun family event! I was wondering, how have you been getting Keenan to work up to how far he can run? Do have a specific plan, or just run a little more each time, as he can do it?

Must have been hard for Moriah - hopefully her next run will be a little easier for her!

Great job, everyone!! Love you all!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love your pictures Joia. It's so sweet to see you making such fun family memories :)
Love you!

Mom W. said...

I looked at these yesterday and forgot to comment... good running all of you, but special congratulations to Keenan!!! Wow!!