Saturday, March 30, 2013

Super Saturday

Today was a gorgeous day spent together as a family. =)

This morning the kids helped me make tulip shaped sugar cookies... you'll see what they're for tomorrow. =)

Moriah got this cookie cutter in a geocache when we were on vacation =)

After Caleb's nap we went on base to check out the new disc golf course at Postal Point.  It's awesome!

18 holes winding in and out of big, shady trees.   Soo exciting to have another course so close by!

Never too young to get them started =)

Philip teeing off (can you see his disc in the air?)


Moriah putting

Keenan is getting really good!

My sweet girl and I

How adorable is this?

Caleb liked the lilac bush...

...and decided to taste some (he didn't like it)

My love and I

A handsome monkey

We went for a family run this afternoon and there has also been much baking and preparations going on for Easter tomorrow.  Can't wait! =)


The Woodfords said...

Not many things better than spending a day together as a family! Glad you had such a nice day!! Are the lilacs blooming? I didn't know they grew that far south - that's something I seriously miss smelling!! Maybe I could slip a slip south of the border, and try 'er here in the desert??!? =)
Love you,

Mom W. said...

I love the monkey in the tree and the little girl up a tree too, the littlest guy and the parents are pretty good lookin' too!! Love the lilacs (and the azaleas in the other post)... can't wait till it warms up here!!

Love you guys!!

Mom E said...

saw the disc mid-air once I enlarged pic. Great catch on that shot, Joia. And oh those kids.... all so beautiful! But then, what does one expect when one has parents like you? I'm not biased though. :)