Thursday, March 21, 2013


** Warning! This is a picture heavy post! (I whittled it down from over 300, though!)**

Our first glimpse of Lego awesomeness =)

Keenan with the baker

The kids loved these tourists =)

Isaac with one of the castle guards

On one of the first rides of the day

Caleb peeking out from behind the camel driver =)

The kids riding Lego jousting horses

Being silly with Grandma on "Beetle Bounce"

On safari! (with Grandma behind us)

AMAZING elephants



Cool zebra

Baby giraffe and his mama =)

This Einstein head was about 8 feet tall!

Keenan in the shark's mouth at Boating School

He and Isaac drove one boat

...and Riah and Grandma had another one

Moriah at Driving School!

Keenan at the big kid driving school (they actually had to obey lights, signs and rules of the road!)

Isaac driving

How Awesome is this Lego SUV??

The kids with their driver's licenses =)

Grandma couldn't resist and bought the boys the "real photo id" licenses
(they didn't offer it for Moriah's)

Isaac and Moriah flying!  (The harder you pedal, the higher you go!)

Keenan was really good at this!

Me and my man with a super cool octopus!

Isaac and Keenan on the Aqua Zone Wave Racers

Philip and Moriah (you had to steer away from water bombs!)

Caleb and Moriah waiting outside of Project X while the others rode
(I got to go after this, it was awesome!)


While there were a couple rides she couldn't do, Moriah was soo brave and a total adrenaline junkie on any ride or roller coaster that she could do!  I was so proud of her! =)  She went on one that Keenan wouldn't even ride!

This ride (Kid Power Tower) was cool, you hoist yourself up and then let go and you gently come back down, all while the whole things is turning around!

Keenan and Isaac putting some muscle into it

Mom hoisted herself pretty high!

Philip and Riah coming down

Isaac, Mom and I on the Flying School ride

Caleb in a car just his size =)

So cute!

This was adorable, there was music playing, he found someone just his size, held the hands and started dancing!!

The kids posing with a character (I think his name was Storm)

High five

The girls posing with a beautiful Southern Belle outside of Cypress Gardens

Fun family picture on a bridge

I like this one of Mom and Isaac

Moriah with another fancy lady =)


Check out this Huge Banyan tree!  It is only 80 years old!

So amazing...

The gardens were just gorgeous!

Mom and her sons 

Philip and I (do you see the gnome?)

Beautiful pavillion

Perfect for kissing =)


Pirate's Cove

I love this one! =)

Caleb decided he needed a turn too

We watched a cool show called "Brickbeard's Bounty"

Lego men Imperial Guards

Sweet waterskiing tricks!

Caleb and Grandma =)

Some of these guys flipped upside down off of ramps

Ah!  The pirates are taking over the ship!

Pirate Brickbeard!

Yay, the good guys win!

Moriah wanted her picture taken with the star, Miss Miranda =)

One of the coolest (and most visually overwhelming) parts of the park was Miniland... over 30 million bricks built into amazing miniature replicas of famous structures from all over the country!  I had over 40 pictures just from this section... it was sooo hard not to post more!

Daytona International Speedway

NASA launch complex

Keenan with the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine

Sweet pirate ships

The White House!

...and the "LegObamas!"

Me photo bombing the capitol =)

Moriah and Lady Liberty

The kids on the other side of the capitol

Keenan with R2D2 

I'm not a huge fan of Darth, but the kids just looked so funny with him! =)


Here are a couple close ups to show detail...

Caleb on nap number two =)

Me with a cute baby giraffe in Duploland

Sweet boy coming down the slide

Keenan in a lion's mouth (this growls Really loud when you put your head inside - made for some good laughs!)

There were even a couple rides Caleb could go on!

Taking me for a drive in an old car

Love this boy

On the next one, I sat in the back, so he was truly the driver... =)

Sooo funny!

Here we are with Keenan and Moriah in front

With a fun lego friend

To end the day, we all went on the carousel...

Keenan and Philip

Isaac and Moriah

Mom and Caleb

A picture at the entrance on our way out

Our only group picture all day!

Moriah conked out, clutching her pretty pink Lego set from Grandma =)

We had a Wonderful day!!  The weather was perfect, it was not crowded, and we were able to do just about everything in the park!   It was a dream come true for Keenan (and Philip)!  
Highly recommend this place. =)


The Woodfords said...

SO neat!! I don't know how you whittled it down - everything looks so amazing! Glad you had a fun day!

Love y'all,

Hannah=) said...

Wow that is so amazing!!! We as a family so have to go there someday! Everything is just so incredible, esp those animals, they just look so real. Glad you had a great time and a great vacation so far:

Take care and talk soon:):)

Mom W. said...

Wow, and WOW again. Amazing. Dad would love it!! I love the one of Caleb "driving" with you in the back!!!! Hilarious!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow! What an awesome place to go. It's too bad it's not closer to your house, because I'm sure Uncle Mark would love to go too :) So many really cool rides / things to do.
I'm loving looking at your trip pictures!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow! What an awesome place to go. It's too bad it's not closer to your house, because I'm sure Uncle Mark would love to go too :) So many really cool rides / things to do.
I'm loving looking at your trip pictures!