Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keenan's Lego Birthday Party

 We had a blast celebrating Keenan's birthday today with friends and a Lego themed party!

 The invitation

 Fun picture we took to commemorate the occasion

 The cake (I got off easy this time!)

 Fun lego block candy I found in Canada while I was there!
It was a huge hit with the kids And adults since it tasted good and... could actually build with it!

 Fun little boxes I found for favors and made Lego head tags for each kid

 The table

 Lego block rice krispy treats (adapted from Pinterest)

 The cake again
(the fun Lego candles were from Mom Eberts) 

The food table (and a sneaky toddler)

 Keenan built this lego cutlery holder (also from pinterest)

 Philip and Keenan had been working on this series of towers for several weeks on and off

 Lego head plates (pinterest)

The weather was beautiful and perfect!  The kids spent a Lot of time on the trampoline...

 Notice Caleb is considering venturing in here...

 Snackin' like a boss

Food time!

 Haha, Josh!

(Quite the spectator sport!)

 Keenan opening a fun singing card from the Pennys
(I love this picture of he and Eden because I have a nearly identical one from his last party!)

 Such great friends!

 Photo bomb by Joel! =)

 With our boy who is growing up So fast!

Cake time

And... just because I'm still asking myself "How did we get to having a Six year old?"  here is a look back at his first five birthdays...


Anonymous said...

great pictures! And yes the candy lego is very yummy lol! looks like everyone had a great time! Happy birthday Keenan!

TAV said...

Wow! Impressed with the Lego decor!!

Mom W. said...

Wow, was his safari one Really 3 years ago? Can't believe it!! Good pictures, fun party!! Happy Birthday Keenan!!

Mom E said...

Amazing cake, decorations & party. So glad the candles worked well. I really loved that Moriah was wearing her Hawaiian dress too. :)
Love, Mom