Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baptism in the Bayou

 This afternoon, we were honored to be present at a baptism in the bayou!   Three kids from our small group were baptized - Nora Jane, Jade and Eden!   It was a fairly impromptu affair, only planned this morning, and we had a good group on the shore in the sunshine at 5:30 this evening. =)

Gorgeous evening on the Penny's dock

 Prime seating =)

 Devin with Eden

 Sweet friends

 Up she comes!   She Leapt out of the water! =)

 Kevin and Alaina with Nora Jane

 ...all ready...

 And she's up!

 Devin and Jade

 I love the happiness on Devin's face here =)

 After the kids were wrapped up, Melissa played guitar and we all sang (as requested by Eden) "What Can Wash Away My Sin?"

 Nora Jane



Sharing some warmth

What a beautiful thing to witness - Praise God!   May he ever be glorified in these three young lives!


Mom W. said...

This is SO COOL, you totally made our day with this post!!! Thank you for sharing it, we are SO encouraged by this, So nice seeing the parents baptize their own kids!!! Yay for them!! Please share our sentiments!!

Bruce Woodford said...

I was THRILLED to see this, Joia, and want to thank you for sharing it! Just recently we have been talking in the church that meets in our house about "religious controls" which have been placed by many on baptism and the Lord's Supper (holy places, holy days, holy administrators etc). But none of these are found in the Bible in connection with baptism or the Lord's Supper!!! Disciples are commanded to baptize disciples! NO other criteria or credentials necessary!
We'll be sharing this with other brothers and sisters here!
Please give our greetings to the followers of the Lord Jesus there!

Mom E said...

Really sweet to see the kids' commitment. A real tribute to the parents!