Sunday, March 31, 2013

Awesome Easter 2013

We did our own little egg hunt for the kids this morning in the back yard. The candy was minimal and half of their eggs had none. Instead, each egg had a slip of paper that either Philip or I had written some special activity we would do one on one with each child when they presented their "coupon". =)

Egg hunting in their jammies =)

Caleb's little hunt when he woke up from his nap

Not great, but a picture of my three Easter kids =)

Easter baskets!

The got some new Easter books, puzzles, reading lights, a stuffed animal, a chocolate bunny and easter egg bubble gum

You can see what Caleb liked best! =)

With their monkeys =)

I just love this bright sunny picture of the kids (and dog) waiting for our friends!

Squinty Moriah and I =)

Here's the finished cookies you saw yesterday
"Place card cookies" for each person

Adult's table


Kid's table (along with the Resurrection story eggs in the middle)

We all did family pictures in front of one of Myrtle's beautiful azalea bushes:

Cute kids!

The (expanding in two weeks!) Penny family

The Gray Five

My faves =)

Us girls

Caleb had a Very active morning, climbing all over the play set and going down the slide too many times to count!

Devouring his own special cookie

He got a chocolate ducky instead of a bunny
(I think it's adorable!)

Tonight we had small group at the Gray's and celebrated Vivi's "Gotcha Day", the day they brought her home from Guatemala!

Desserts I made to take - pavlova and cupcakes with red (Vivi's favorite color) V's

Caleb chillin' with Rebekah

A fun tradition - the "Running of the Guatemalan Flag"!
(After the she ran it, each of the kids got a turn)

Blowing out the candles on the cupcakes

With her happy parents!

Caleb busting into his cupcake 

We ended the evening singing around a fire =)

Caleb showing off his skills on the drum

We are soo blessed!   Praise God for a RISEN Savior!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Super Saturday

Today was a gorgeous day spent together as a family. =)

This morning the kids helped me make tulip shaped sugar cookies... you'll see what they're for tomorrow. =)

Moriah got this cookie cutter in a geocache when we were on vacation =)

After Caleb's nap we went on base to check out the new disc golf course at Postal Point.  It's awesome!

18 holes winding in and out of big, shady trees.   Soo exciting to have another course so close by!

Never too young to get them started =)

Philip teeing off (can you see his disc in the air?)


Moriah putting

Keenan is getting really good!

My sweet girl and I

How adorable is this?

Caleb liked the lilac bush...

...and decided to taste some (he didn't like it)

My love and I

A handsome monkey

We went for a family run this afternoon and there has also been much baking and preparations going on for Easter tomorrow.  Can't wait! =)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Blackboard update

Our blackboard pantry doors needed updating from "Happy 6th Birthday, Keenan!"
 I think Keenan did a Fabulous job:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I can't lift a stone to throw...

I don't usually delve very deep on my blog, but my heart was heavy today.   All of the talk of equity laws for marriage have brought up a lot of opinions, soap boxes, preachers, haters, and hypocrisy.

Christians have done a terrible job of handling homosexuality.     Some even go so far as to say that "God Hates Gays".   That's not what my Bible teaches.    We think we're big if we say we "Hate the sin but love the sinner".    I've heard a lot of people say that "homosexuality makes them sick to their stomach"... I get that, but... how often is your stomach turned over your Own sin?  Do you (do I?) Hate the sin in your/my own life?

I'm no politician, so instead of making a statement to the world on my opinions, this is all I have to say:

Christians, let's try hating our own sin first

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eggs and Stuff

We decided to do some "practice egg hunts" today in the house.   Keenan and Moriah love to do this, so we thought we'd try it with Caleb and his little set of eggs.  He LOVED it and was really good at it, too!   It was as much fun for us to watch him as it was for him to do it! =)  We did it ten times or more and he never got sick of it! =)

Keenan, Moriah and I dyed eggs during Caleb's nap...

All ready to go

Being goofy with the eggs

Very intent on dipping

Some of the pretty ones done

Riah's bright yellow one

Yes, she is wearing a Christmas dress while dyeing eggs =)

I was so surprised that Keenan chose to do a pink one!

All finished and drying

The coloring set was from Mom Eberts and came with cute stickers that we used to decorate them after...

Our finished eggs in the basket
(I Love how they turned out!)

So happy with their eggs

Some cute crafts we put together yesterday

Philip is on call tonight and may not even make it home, so we went and had a nice family dinner with him at the hospital.   On the way home I noticed the moon looked almost full, so I drove down to the water in hopes of catching a pretty picture...

Couldn't resist the boat

When we got home, Caleb went to bed and the rest of us had caramel popcorn and story time before bed...