Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Eve

Fun stuff...

The kids took Valentine's to C. C. this morning for their classmates. =)  (Free printables, baby!)



For their art project today, Keenan's class learned how to "stretch" a picture... hilarity ensued. =)

First, they cut up the Mona Lisa

...and spread her out...

...and traced her back together

Caleb jabbering away to Spunky and all she's thinking is... "Cheeeeese..."
(She did end up getting it)

The kids were delighted to get Valentine's in the mail from Grandma E:

Look at Moriah "modeling" hers! =)

Forgot to get a picture of Caleb with his, so had to do it after he was asleep =)

A random picture Keenan took of us =)

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Mom W. said...

Happy Valentine's day dear ones, sorry we didn't get any sent and Philip's Birthday card will likely come home with you (Joia) from here! Happy Birthday tomorrow Philip, not sure we will be home in time to make it to the library to say it tomorrow!!! Love you all!!