Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Fun in the Snowy North

 Caleb and I have had such a great weekend!!

Yesterday, (while Mark and Rebekah watched Caleb), I was thrilled to be able to attend a baby shower in honor of Laura and baby Brielle!    Laura's sister in law, Jessie, hosted the shower, an owl theme, and did a Fantastic job!

 Every detail was perfect!

 Laura (and sleeping Brielle) chatting with guests

 Check out the pink sandwiches and deviled eggs! =)

 A special long time, friend, Kristin =)

 The woman of the hour with a Sweet owl diaper cake made by Dana!

 This was my gift

 I went to the same high school as all of these pretty ladies!
(Jessie, Dana, Liz, Laura and Cindy)

After the shower, I headed back to my parents, where I got to meet my sweet new niece, Galina and visit with my adorable nephews, Brayden and Joshua and (their pretty awesome parents), Rob and Ada!

 My dad with the three grandboys =)

We also celebrated Mark's birthday (a little late), and I got to decorate his cake!

 Mark and Rebekah

 Galina and I =)

 ...and with her pretty Mama

 I brought these monkey hats for the kids=)
Aren't they a great looking family?

 Sweet little monkey

 After dinner we played Mexican Train (my first time, I think!)
I ended with the second highest (worst) score =)


The view out of the upstairs window at my parent's
(When I zoomed in on the "welcome to Norwich" sign, I realized they hadn't changed the population number in about ten years!) =)

Caleb's first experience with the snow!
(When I set him down, he tried to stand up and ended up face-planting in the snow... hence the unhappiness =0/

My sweet parents =)
(Please pray for my mom, as she is having surgery tomorrow!)

It was nice to meet with my parent's house church group for the first time in a while!   A couple of the families wanted me to take family pictures for them...

 My friend, Jolinda, and her husband, John and their kids, Leah, Levi and Lydia

 Sweet kids!

 Kristin, Ruben, Emily and Raymond

 So sweet =)

This afternoon I headed to Tim Horton's to meet up with a great high school friend, Stephanie... and to try my luck at Roll up the Rim again...

 ...the Roll up the Rim part went badly...

 ...but our visit was Great!! =)

I had to say goodbye to my parents this evening... hate that part... and headed back to London for my last night with Mark and Rebekah before heading home tomorrow..

 Saw this sweet sunset on my parent's road

Made my last stop at Timmie's...

Yup, he's my boy =)


Manny O said...

but 2014 is such an oddly specific number for a population...maybe they'll change it next year

Stephanie said...

It was SO Awesome to see you! You look Great! Loved the color of your hair! Thanks for being a great friend after all this time! Every time I get the priveledge to see you its like it just yesterday we were at highschool! Always good chats! Thanks for listening to me (sorry if I talked to much, I tend to do that a lot more now). I appreciate that you thought of me on your trip! Hoping that your Mom's Surgery goes well today!

Aunt Heather said...

The sign: 5 less Woodfords at least!

Poor Caleb in the snow! Did he cry the whole time?

Never played Mexican Train before? Where have you been?!

Hannah said...

Love the pics Joia!! I'm looking at the pics of the highschool friends. It's been a while since I saw them! Looking forward to seeing you when you come this summer for family pics! Hope you have a great trip back home! Talk soon:)

Mom W. said...

Haha, Caleb, he likes Tim Horton's too!!