Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Friends, Food and Football

Here are a few pictures from a residency party on Saturday, and Superbowl on Sunday:

Philip and I (with my new dark hair)

With Rebekah and Melissa

Josh and Bek

Giggly babies

Desserts I made
(White chocolate pistachio/cranberry bark, chocolate cracker bark, rice crispy treats and rolo pecan pretzels)

Most of the adults at the party

The insane amount of food

Love him =)

Caleb and Moriah invading Devin's personal space 

Angry Birds - the real halftime show
(We skipped Beyonce)

Thanks Kevin and Alaina for hosting a great party!  Loved those meat sticks! =)


Mom W. said...

Yum, nice party with friends, your hair looks good!!

Mom E said...

Looks like a ton of fun! It's a good thing you run with all that great food! :) Good you skipped Beyonce! We did too.