Monday, February 4, 2013

Double Bridge 15K

My longest race to date. 15K (9.3 miles) . Not a half marathon yet, but the next step up from a 10K (it's actually like a 1/3 marathon). =)

I ran it with my friends, Eric and Whitney - and what a great time we had!

It was Freezing while we were waiting for the start, so we contained our body heat by wearing huge trash bags.  It worked Wonders!!  (And we were oh so stylish). =)

Heading across the first bridge (3 miles long!)
(The traffic you see was at a dead stop for about half an hour on the bridge...not cool when this is the way to the airport, huh?)

Whitney and I

Eric and Whitney

Almost to the end of the first bridge
(This picture sort of shows the Mass of people we were running with - 2,500 in all!)

At the finish!!

The pretty finisher's medal
(This was my first running bib with my name on it!)

The shirts we got were rather hideous, to be honest. =)
(It will definitely be a "night run" shirt, since No One will miss me in this color!)

It was Super fun, but I'm glad to be done and be able to scale back my running to 2 or 3 short runs a week.   Looking forward to some fun 5Ks! =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

Other than being cold before you started, was it nice to run in lower temperatures?
I'm proud of you! Good job!

Mom W. said...

Good job, glad it is over too. Nice shirt!!

Mom E said...

Wow, you have just become a running machine! So impressed!