Friday, February 8, 2013

Crazy Post

(Keenan named this post)

Keenan has started spelling with Lego =)

This reminds me of that commercial (Lunesta?)  "Because sleep is a beautiful thing" =)

Goofing around in the van at the mall while we wait for Caleb to wake up from his nap... 

Moriah tried it, too =)

Riding the carousel for free on Family Night!

The big brothers on their horses

Bek with Judah and Joel

Happy Moriah on the big bunny

Caleb's first time!  (Already riding like a cowboy)

He and I

A morning walk at Turkey Creek (secretly it was to tire the kids out for naptime)...

My three cuties


This one didn't focus well, but I think he looks a bit like his big cousin, Brayden

He walked half a mile!!
(And is currently taking his second afternoon nap) =)

The kids got to talk to/see their Mexico cousins this morning on Skype!   It was pretty crazy.. =)  Steph said at one point, "I'm not sure why I thought this would be a good idea with nine kids!"  Haha!


The Woodfords said...

It was worth it, though!! We loved seeing you all - it was just a "little" nuts!! ;)

Great pics!!

Love you,

Mom E said...

Oh my, how sweet is that photo of the 3 kids walking away from the camera with Caleb in the middle!!! Absolutely adorable! That should be put on a canvas print. I like Keenan's name for the blog. :)

Mom W. said...

Fun cousin visit... good idea!! Crazy is fun!! Keenan looks so grown up in the picture of them walking away!! I like it too Grandma E!! =)

Hannah said...

Cute!! Love Calebs walking:) He's getting so big!