Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home Again

This could be called the "Mark and Rebekah" post, since most of these pictures have them in them.  =)  I took them the last night I stayed with them before heading home yesterday.

People have always been able to tell Mark apart from the rest of us because he was "Mark the Dark", well, now (for a little while) I've crossed over to the dark side, too! =)

Such a great friend... we shared Many laughs =)

Trying out my hair for a mustache =)

My family, my friends =)

It was a GREAT trip.   So much fun and great memories packed into just over three days!   It's always nice to stay in the home I grew up in, eat my mom's (amazing cooking), and hang out with family, just chatting, laughing, or playing a game.   The snow was beautiful and it was fun to get some pictures of Caleb in it.    Thankfully, the roads were always clear, so I never had to drive in really bad weather (which I'd been nervous about).  I enjoyed Sunday morning fellowship with my parent's house church family. It was great to get to see so many friends over the weekend (if briefly) that I hadn't seen in so long!

I had breakfast with Laura Monday morning before heading to the airport.    We ate at a place called "Organic Works" (I think).  It was delicious!!

Our travel home went well overall.   My flight leaving Detroit was quite late, (we walked the length of 33 gates several times, and introduced Caleb to moving sidewalks), and I only ended up having enough time to deplane and immediately board my next plane in Nashville!    The weather was so bad during that flight that we didn't get any drink service, since the turbulence kept the stewardesses in their seats the entire flight!

When we reached Panama City, it was pouring rain, so we got quite drenched on the walk out to the van in the extended parking lot.

We were Exhausted, but, upon reaching home, were greeted by three family members Extremely happy to see us, a house in pristine order and a special treat - homemade cookies and cream ice cream!   Philip had also done multiple "fix it" things around the house.  How awesome is that?? =)

Love being back with my Keenan and Riah! =)

It was a sunny, breezy, 70 degree day here.   That's more like it. =)    This (now) Southern girl, is happy to be home! =)

A huge thanks to Philip for giving me the time away, arranging all my travel, and hanging with the kids this weekend.   Also, thank you to the Pennys and Grays who watched Keenan and Moriah for us on Thursday and Friday while Philip was at work.  You are such a blessing to us! =)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Fun in the Snowy North

 Caleb and I have had such a great weekend!!

Yesterday, (while Mark and Rebekah watched Caleb), I was thrilled to be able to attend a baby shower in honor of Laura and baby Brielle!    Laura's sister in law, Jessie, hosted the shower, an owl theme, and did a Fantastic job!

 Every detail was perfect!

 Laura (and sleeping Brielle) chatting with guests

 Check out the pink sandwiches and deviled eggs! =)

 A special long time, friend, Kristin =)

 The woman of the hour with a Sweet owl diaper cake made by Dana!

 This was my gift

 I went to the same high school as all of these pretty ladies!
(Jessie, Dana, Liz, Laura and Cindy)

After the shower, I headed back to my parents, where I got to meet my sweet new niece, Galina and visit with my adorable nephews, Brayden and Joshua and (their pretty awesome parents), Rob and Ada!

 My dad with the three grandboys =)

We also celebrated Mark's birthday (a little late), and I got to decorate his cake!

 Mark and Rebekah

 Galina and I =)

 ...and with her pretty Mama

 I brought these monkey hats for the kids=)
Aren't they a great looking family?

 Sweet little monkey

 After dinner we played Mexican Train (my first time, I think!)
I ended with the second highest (worst) score =)


The view out of the upstairs window at my parent's
(When I zoomed in on the "welcome to Norwich" sign, I realized they hadn't changed the population number in about ten years!) =)

Caleb's first experience with the snow!
(When I set him down, he tried to stand up and ended up face-planting in the snow... hence the unhappiness =0/

My sweet parents =)
(Please pray for my mom, as she is having surgery tomorrow!)

It was nice to meet with my parent's house church group for the first time in a while!   A couple of the families wanted me to take family pictures for them...

 My friend, Jolinda, and her husband, John and their kids, Leah, Levi and Lydia

 Sweet kids!

 Kristin, Ruben, Emily and Raymond

 So sweet =)

This afternoon I headed to Tim Horton's to meet up with a great high school friend, Stephanie... and to try my luck at Roll up the Rim again...

 ...the Roll up the Rim part went badly...

 ...but our visit was Great!! =)

I had to say goodbye to my parents this evening... hate that part... and headed back to London for my last night with Mark and Rebekah before heading home tomorrow..

 Saw this sweet sunset on my parent's road

Made my last stop at Timmie's...

Yup, he's my boy =)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Caleb and Joia Go North

 Here are pictures of the first two days of our trip up to Ontario!

 Caleb was soo fascinated with the escalator at the airport (I had to save him from falling down it about ten times)

 Just walking around the airport, no bigs, I'm 15 months old, you know

Both of our flights went really well (love Southwest!), but Caleb decided not to sleep on either flight... until our final decent. =0/

 So... he was pretty tired when we got of the plane in Detroit

We had to bundle up before heading out the door!

Look at my sweet rental car! =)

First stop was to my friend's, Nathan and Laura's house, to meet sweet baby Brielle!

 Caleb terrorized their house pretty well... stinker (here he is taking a brief banana break)

 Laura and I

...with one tiny baby and one huge baby!

This morning, I visited with my friend, Sarah and her kids.  We hadn't seen each other since we had our last babies...

With her newest baby girl, Elanna

Then, I went to see my friend, Linda, who I hadn't seen since Keenan was a baby!
Haha!  Love you, Linda! =)

Sweet nectar of Canada =)

Caleb and I are staying the night at Mark and Rebekah's and we had dinner at a Canadian favorite of ours, Swiss Chalet!  Woohoo!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Birthday Festivities

It was a fun and busy birthday day!

 I love this picture so much!

 Philip opening his gift from Mom and Jeff - an awesome Michigan cup

Nora Jane and Noble spent the morning with us while Vivi went to an appointment.    Everyone but Moriah, Caleb and I went geocaching on the Eglin range while I got lunch ready.

 Birthday lunch

 Joint birthday cake since Jeff's birthday is in a few days, too

Making a big show of blowing out the candles

After a brief rest time for everyone, we headed on base to Eden's bowling birthday party:

 Present time

 Sweet birthday girl

 Jeff's got mad skills!

 Grandma and her three munchkins

 Pro bowling team - Elijah, Keenan and Isaac

 Baby bump and bowling ball - which is which?? =)

After bowling we headed out to dinner at Logan's to celebrate Philip and Jeff:

 Caleb was soo well behaved!!

 Keenan and Isaac trying to find everything in the Find It toy

All of us =)

A super fun day!   So happy to have family here to share it with us! =)