Saturday, January 12, 2013

Superhero Party!

Today we got to celebrate Noble's sixth birthday with him, superhero style!

As if This bad boy wasn't cool enough...

Kevin's mom had made capes and masks for all the kids!

Keenan and Moriah modeling theirs

...the backs

She even made them for the babies!

How adorable is this?

LOVE it!

Super cute super hero

In the bounce house (look at Nora Jane!)

Elijah and Keenan

Moriah's cape matched her dress perfectly!

The playhouse steps were no match for Caleb =)

...nor was Daddy

At the top of the slide

All the super heros doing their thing

Alaina and Nora Jane lighting the candles
(I love how they lit a special, separate one, for Noble's birth mom in Guatemala!)

They had to relight them all after the wind snuffed them out


Yes, I did.  I turned Moriah's cape around to protect her white dress =)

Mason Really enjoyed his cupcake! =)

Pinata time!  The birthday boy takes the first swing

Moriah's turn

Caleb clapping for the big kids!

Observation area

Waiting to move in...

...and Now!

Keenan's flying!

Caleb, quite proud of himself for getting on top of the picnic table =)

What a fun party!  Thanks for inviting us, Grays and thank you, Mom Gray for the amazing costumes!! =)

* In other news, Philip and I saw The Hobbit this afternoon and it was Amazing!!


Anonymous said...

His mom made capes for ALL the kids??!!! Wow, you people sure celebrate birthdays down there!! When my kids were young they were lucky to have a "character" cake. How things have changed!
Love the pics, Joia, especially all the cape ones!! So cute!

Mom W. said...

Cool super heroes!! What fun!!

Mom E said...

I am in jaw-dropping-awe at all the capes and masks made for each of these kids and personalized to boot! Caleb looked especially cute in his!