Friday, January 4, 2013

Pictures of Stuff

Short picture catch up:

Keenan slept in his space ship the other night!
(Turns out the crib mattress fit Perfectly inside)
The best part?  He was Super impressed that it was My idea =)

A fun shape collage project the kids did today

Is there anything sweeter than a tossle haired, fresh out of the bath, newly walking baby in soft, cuddly pajamas??   =)

How I decided to display photo cards that we received this year.   These are two of my favorite "trash to treasure" frames and now they're hanging on the wall where I can enjoy these pictures for as long as I like! =)

...and tonight the princess asked if she could sleep in her castle =)


Mom W. said...

Yay, Caleb on the move!!! The princess is at home in her castle!! Fun!! Keenan is rocking in his rocket!!

Good idea with the pictures!!

Mom E said...

Sooo, if the crib mattress was in the space shuttle with Keenan, what did Caleb sleep on? :)