Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Girl Time with Riah

 This morning, I dropped Keenan off at C.C. since Caleb had a fever and couldn't go in the nursery.   We went back home, and while Caleb took a nap, Moriah and I had some long overdue "girl time". =)

 Tea party

My sweet girl

 Munching on a heart shaped chocolate

After our tea party, I told her she could choose whatever she wanted for us to do with the remainder of our time....

 First up, coloring

 Next, Memory

Last, we played with babies (I got to play with Diana, my own doll from my childhood!)

What a delightful time we had!  After I was able to forget about the dishes that needed to be done, and the rest of the (non refrigerated) groceries that needed to be put away... I had so much fun, just enjoying my sweet girl. =)


Mom W. said...

Bravo for you! You are a good Mom!! Poor Caleb though! =(

Hannah said...

so precious Joia!! Hope Caleb is better!

Mom E said...

Good for you for choosing what Really matters and a moment of time in her life that she will remember for the rest of her life! Very, very special indeed! I prayed for Caleb when you posted this on FB.