Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun Stuff

Sometimes I think it's cheating, to just blog because I happen to have cute pictures of the cute kids that live with me... =)

Oh well...

My boys snuggled up

Movie time at the Storeys

Keenan helping with dinner
(He has been sooo excited to take on a bunch of new responsibilities lately since he's getting older!   He's so much fun!)

Yesterday we spent the morning disc golfing with the Storeys...

Our sweet girl

Being silly while we wait for the others to get there

Sharing a pine cone

Love from Spunky

Chewing on his stick

This little man was Everywhere!!

The boys in discussion while the adults finished at one of the holes

A picture of all the big kids

Josh teaching a valuable lesson about ants =)

Last night we had a "make your own mini pizza" and movie night as a family.  We watched the new Ice Age movie, Continental Drift. =)

Smiley pants ate all of His toppings without any pizza underneath

Moriah's drawing on the paper tablecloth (I love it!)

Starting to make their own

Serious business

Oops!  She blinked

Almost done

Keenan's drawing

During the movie - while the rest of us tried to eat and watch the movie, Caleb pretty much tore up the room, grabbed food, spilled Sprite everywhere, stole Moriah's pizza.. and then disappeared...

This is where we found him!!
(Man, we are in serious trouble with this little stinker!)

...but who wouldn't forgive this face??
(This was him just after he woke up this morning, snuggled up with bunny in this chair in the kitchen while I made breakfast)


Kathleen said...

I want to come & live at your house. It looks like so much fun! :). They are cute kids, eh?

Mom E said...

Wow, my comment from my iPhone actually "took" this time. But it was ridiculous how long it took me to write that one little comment! haha I just can't get over how big Caleb looks. It's like he just shot up!