Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Big News for Awesome Friends!

Since my blog is the place that I like to record my life and the important and exciting things that happen in it, it only seemed right that this latest turn of events get it's own blog post.

I'm sure you remember my friend, Laura, (we've been friends since high school) and her husband Nathan.  Their most recent visit was over Canadian Thanksgiving in October.    Two days after returning home, Laura was diagnosed with MS.

They have been in the process of waiting to foster/adopt a child for quite some time, and decided to not let the MS change that, though (obviously) it has brought on a whole new set of challenges itself.   Hope lived on...

I am extremely happy to announce that just two days ago, they brought home a sweet, newborn baby girl who they have named Brielle!

The happy couple

I can't post pictures of her on here, so I stole this one from Laura's facebook page, as well as her caption of it:

"Suprise!  After 19.5 months of process, countless heartaches, and many moments of wanting to give up, we now know why we hung in.   We are the incredibly proud (hopefully forever) parents of a little girl who already has her daddy wrapped around his finger!!!"

* I got to meet her on Skype today!   She is absolutely perfect and beautiful!


Mom W. said...

THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! I am so happy for them. What a joy!!

Bruce Woodford said...

Congratulations to Nathan and Laura!

The Woodfords said...

So exciting! Thanks for sharing the news!! =)

Love, Steph

Stephanie said...

Woo Hoo!!!! Congratulations Laura & Nathan!! Awesome News!!

Hannah said...

Wow!! That's awesome!! So happy for them!!

Mom E said...

I tried to leave a comment when you first posted this, using my iPhone but it wouldn't do it. I am finally on my computer now.
Congrats to Laura & Nathan. What a blessing!