Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Some pictures from the heel of last year and the toe of this year...

The kids enjoying their gifts from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Matt... (They can decorate/color them how they want).

Moriah's Castle

Inside with Caleb

Keenan's Spaceship!

Inside with Riah

January 1st... We started the morning off with breakfast at Waffle House.  I hadn't been in over a Decade (after a bad experience).  It was delicious! =)

The boy's side

The girl's side

Next, we went and did several geocaches... numbers 100 through about 104!

While looking for a cache on the Eglin range, I almost tromped on this little guy (about 16 inches long).

We think he's a Pigmy Rattler


Jessica said...

Wow! Those things are really huge!! How fun! Glad they like them :)

denise said...

I love those color things, my kids would love them!

Mom W. said...

Yikes, that snake is scary even if he is little!! Sure glad you didn't step on him.

Let us see the castle and space ship when they are all colored... a big job to do!!

Mom E said...

Holy snake pit, Batman! So glad you didn't step on that sucker!