Sunday, December 16, 2012

Small Group Christmas Party 2012

What a fun night we had tonight! My heart is overflowing with thankfulness for the blessing of the friends we have here.    We had our small group Christmas party tonight and it was Such a blast!

A couple pictures at home before we left:

Me with my three cuties

Just the little man (Big smile for Daddy!)

Just us girls =)

For food, we all made our favorite appetizers and desserts.  It. Was. Amazing.

Melissa's amazing baked goods

Moriah and Eden

Steve and Terri

Rebekah and I

Nathalie, Nick and Baby Jane

Josh and Rebekah

Terri and Alaina

My man and I

Nora Jane and Baby Jane!

The best picture we could manage of a dozen kids =)

The little guys

Adult shot

I LOVE this picture so much

I Cannot believe we managed to get a good picture of all 24 of us!!

Haha!  Some people didn't get the silly memo =)

Kevin and Alaina all cute and matchy

The kids were totally stoked for their gift exchange

Melissa, Devin and Baby Penny

Vanessa and Rebekah

The adults did a white elephant gift exchange.  (You know, everyone finds something at home they don't need/want, they wrap it up and bring it and everyone fights over the best/funniest stuff).  It was a hoot!   We got one of the funniest gifts.  Rebekah found this at Goodwill and it made for a lot of laughs as we thought up all the crazy ways it could be used. =)

The Foto Max photo holder (1991)

Another gift (that we actually stole from someone, but ended up leaving with Devin and Melissa):

The Indoor/Outdoor S'Mores Maker!

Funny story behind this... Rebekah got it at Goodwill for $7, (still in it's original box and unopened).   It was clearly Not new, but out of curiosity we looked it up online... On Amazon you can currently buy the exact set for $219 and one sold on eBay last week for $127.50!   Had she only known what a goldmine she was giving away!  Haha!

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Mom W. said...

Wow, really, $200? Who would pay that? Fun gift though!!

Nice small group!!!