Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lunch Picnic with Philip

A couple of days ago, Philip's schedule freed up unexpectedly, so he met us at a park near the hospital for lunch!

This is a very rare occurrence and was soo nice!  We had the park to ourselves, the weather was gorgeous and it was an awesome hour of family time in the middle of the day!

Our lunch picture (notice Caleb in the background) 

On the move

Pinecones way above our heads

Keenan Loved playing this with Philip =)

...and he was quite good!

Love this little stinker!

Watching Keenan and Daddy

My cute little monkey

Caleb gets in on the fun

Moriah trying to shake the pole to get the ball loose =)


Mom W. said...

Is it like a basket ball hoop only with chutes for the ball to come out several directions?

Cute kids!!

denise said...

We had one of those on my elementary school playground!!