Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Live Nativities with Friends

We have had the opportunity to attend a couple different live nativities in the past week... The first one was one that we went to last year right in our town.   It was like a miniature of the "Bethlehem Walk" that they do back home in Ontario.

Mary on horseback as Joseph looks for a place for them to stay

We had Jade and Eden with us and Rebekah and her kids joined us too

On the hayride to Bethlehem =)

Philip, Caleb and I

The shepherds in the field


Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

The cross with the luminaries at the end is beautiful

One of the pretty candles

Cookies at the end!

An adorable bunny someone had that the kids could pet


Last night we went to a much larger Live Nativity near the mall with a bunch of our friends.   This one had lots of signs posted, telling the Christmas story, but didn't have real people sharing it, like the other one did.

I just had to have my picture taken with this guard 
(I don't think he should have smiled?)

Two of my boys

The cool part about this one (other than the funny "photo op" with Mary, Joseph, the wisemen and angels) was that they let you into a huge penned in area where there were Tons of donkeys and sheep that the kids could feed!

Here are the kids getting their feeders filled up by a shepherd

Keenan feeding his first (very enthusiastic!) donkey - he was laughing So hard!

Riah with a sheep

Caleb's not too sure about the donkey

A big camel

Caleb giving a five (one of his new favorite things)

This camel was the "baby"

Moriah petting a donkey's mane

Feeding one last donkey before we left

Hot chocolate and cookies with friends!

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