Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jingle Bell 5K/10K

Philip and I ran in the Jingle Bell race (for Arthritis) in Fort Walton Beach today.   It was Philip's first official race (he really doesn't enjoy running) and he did the 5K in 28.24!  I'm so proud of him and happy that he was there!

Us with some of our friends before the race

We only got to run for a mile and a half together, because my 10K course kept going and the 5K course looped back around.   He was a great encouragement though, and prayed for me the whole way and then met back up with me about 1km before I got to the finish and helped pace me, because he knew I wanted to finish in an hour!

Philip and I just before I finished

So close!

...and done
(I can say my time was one hour, because at the start, we were about 20 yards and several hundred feet back from the start line, and had to walk a bit and dodge through people before we could actually start running!)
Upon crossing the finish line, I started hyperventilating and crying... not cool =0/

The Eglin representatives!  All the girls with babies in strollers walked the 5K (Jen, on the left had a C-section and her tiny baby is only one month old!)

After race party and free food from Carrabbas!

At home in our race shirts

Thank you, Josh and Rebekah, for watching the kids for us so we could go run!  We really appreciate you!


Jessica said...

that is amazing! Congratulations!! I was training for a 10K before I got pregnant with Adilyn? remember that run we took when I was barely pregnant and you were unknowingly pregnant? LOL! SO proud of you and your time!! Go Phil, too! That is an awesome 5K time for someone who doesn't run much.

Mom W. said...

Wow, good job ... 10 K!!!!! Impressive indeed!!