Friday, December 21, 2012

Heading South

It's official.   My cold weather tolerance is gone.  I'm a wimpity wimp, wimp for the cold.   It got down to 28 degrees here last night and was only back up to 39 when we got up.  Brrr!   That being said, it's a little crazy that, in Merritt Island FL, where we'll be on Christmas day, it's supposed to be 78!  What!?   What a crazy state this is...

Today is my friend, Rebekah's birthday, so in order to get out of the house with our collective six kids (without freezing their noses off), we went to the mall for the morning.   Here are a couple pictures from the play area:

Not sure what Judah is doing here.. =)
(His dad is a D.O. so maybe he's doing some sort of neck manipulation)

Caleb flirting with a cute little girl

With a new friend, checking out his handsome self in the funny mirror =)

Photo op on a Hammer Head!

Two Slinkys, less than 24 hours after being taken out of the kid's stockings =)

I forgot last night when we opened gifts that I had gotten these personalized blankets for each of the kids.  They were so excited to get them tonight, just before our trip!

Keenan with his Lightning McQueen blanket

Moriah's has princesses

Caleb had no interest in being in this picture =)

This is what happened when I told the kids they could go at their gingerbread candy train =)


Anonymous said...

What kind of Canadian girl are you that thinks 28 degrees is cold!!! LOL!!

Joia said...


You Do know, I'm talking about Farenheit, right? So that's -2 C.

Anonymous said...

Any Canadian blood left in you Joia???? :D Here it's -2!! Brrr. I'll gladly trade the weather right now!! Hope all is well:) Miss ya:)

Hannah said...

oops that last anonymous is me:)