Monday, December 31, 2012

Geocachin' on the Road

We did several geocaches on our way home from Merritt Island this time.    It definitely helps break up the driving when we stop every few hours to take a walk/hike! =)

The first one, at Ravine Gardens State Park was Gorgeous!!  This trail we were on was called "Azalea Trail".  I can only imagine how beautiful it must be when they are in bloom!

At the cache site (it was so lush!)

Cool suspension bridge!

The kids climbing the stairs at the end

My little man and me

The second, at Mike Roess Gold Head State Park...

Philip writing in the log

Keenan and Moriah climbed out on this huge branch

The third one, at O'Leno State Park,  I sat out, since Caleb was asleep...

I love this shot of Moriah under the boardwalk with the cache and Keenan up on top

Another suspension bridge

Caleb's funny post nap hair

Our final one at Torreya State Park, was our longest cache walk to date.   It was over a three mile round trip hike!    It was Not flat terrain, either!

Caleb all bundled into the moby wrap

Philip and Moriah coming up a hill

On Every uphill, Philip was carrying one of the bigger kids!

A brief break

One of three bridges we crossed

Finally at the cache!

A picture on a pretty bridge on the way out

The whole bridge from the side

We sure got our exercise on that one!   We all slept well that night and Philip and I were both sore the next day...  Good times, though. =)

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Mom E said...

Isaac is now hooked on geocaching. He had us do one in the Hamden cemetery (of all places!) as we were leaving to go back to FL. It was my first official one besides the one that Philip made for Jessica, Erik & Isaac.