Friday, December 7, 2012

Florida Style

Philip was home today. It's been a busy day of running errands and getting ready for Moriah's birthday party tomorrow.   He took the kids out geocaching while Caleb napped and I worked on the cake (one of my favorite cakes to date!)

 This morning, the kids and I went with a bunch of people from our homeschool group to a retirement home to sing some carols, make some crafts and give out some gifts to the residents. This was the first time my kids have had this experience. They weren't too sure about it at first, but really warmed up and loved to be able to give the little crafts that they made to several people. One lady especially loved it when the kids would come talk to her (and see the teddy bear she had) and when Keenan gave her a hug, I think it made her day!  It's almost Always a little awkward, but I am convinced that it is a very healthy experience for the young and the elderly to interact.   Today was proof of that. =)

This afternoon we took a break and went on base for a little Christmas event they were having at the Outdoor Recreation facility.

Excited to go!

I ordered Moriah's Christmas dress this year from one of my favorite blogs:   I love it!   It's cute, but isn't a "dressy" dress, so she can wear it to anything.   And yes, she will likely wear it to every Christmas event we have this month. =)

So happy with her new dress!

Santa arrived on a boat!

Haha!  I love this picture for so many reasons!  (Not the least of which is that Santa is wearing sandals!)

Chatting with Keenan

After seeing Santa, we went inside where they had free cookies, drinks, and a craft table.

The kids loved this electric train

Moriah decorating an ornament

They had a "Christmas Spirit Costume Contest".   I hadn't planned for either of our kids to participate, but when they said "Anyone else?  Everyone is welcome!"   I plopped Keenan's elf hat on Moriah and sent her on up.

Doesn't she look excited??
(The kids on the left And their mom, had clearly planned on participating!) =)

She won first prize and got a fishing rod!  =)

Thanks, Alaina, for telling us about this event!


denise said...

Lil blue boo is one of my favorite blogs! I've followed her for a few years now. Love the dress!

Anonymous said...

So nice that your kids went to the retirement home to see the seniors! Seniors LOVE to see little ones come in, it really brightens their day. I find if parents make a point of taking their children to a nursing or retirement home, the children end up being at ease and it's so nice to see them interact with the seniors!

Mom W. said...

Wow, go Moriah!!! 1st prize!!