Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Stuff

Moriah's birthday yesterday was fun! Despite the nasty, cold, rainy weather, we had a fun day at home as a family.

We started the day off snuggling in bed with the kids, then had a lazy day around the house, with a few fun little surprises sprinkled in.   In the afternoon, Moriah and I did some shopping at Ross (I found my outfit for New Year's Eve and she spent some birthday money), while the boys did some geocaching and then we all got frozen yogurt at Bippys!

Happy girl at Bippys

A late night cookie cake

Some randoms:

At house church every week, Caleb LOVES to hear/watch Devin play the guitar!

Devin's biggest fan 

Could he Get any closer?? =)

He also moved into his big boy carseat yesterday!

Tonight, when we got home, we found a birthday party invitation from our friends, attached to three helium balloons - how fun!!  I think this was Caleb's first helium balloon, and he LOVED it!

This is soo awesome!

All three kids =)

Finally, all of our scheduled pre-Christmas events are over... the next two days will be spent getting ready and packing for our trip to Central Floriday, then we'll do our own family Christmas on Friday, and head out on Saturday - woohoo!

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Mom W. said...

Merry Christmas, have a good time!! Love you all!!