Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese!!

Since we had already planned to take two days to come home from Merritt Island, it was easy to work in our nephew's birthday party on Friday morning.   The best part?  It was at Chuck E. Cheese and the kids and I had Never been!!  =)   It was really fun!

Caleb on the little carousel

Moriah on a fun ride that goes up in the air as you pedal!

Keenan playing a racing game

Reagan, the birthday boy!


Chuck E walking past Keenan and Riah

With Reagan

Matt and Reagan got to go in the "Ticket Blaster" for a minute and collect as many tickets as they could
(you can redeem the tickets for prizes at the end).  They even caught the "1000 Ticket" card!

Ready to pull the strings on the pinata!
Instead of candy, it was full of tokens (to play the games) and tickets (for prizes)

Happy 8th Birthday, Reagan!  We were so happy to be at your party this year!

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Aunt Jessica said...

Thanks for making the trip!!