Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve, Etc.

We got here to Mom and Jeff's on the evening of the 22nd..

The kids on the way
(Caleb's first road trip facing forward)

The 23rd was a relaxed day, we went to church in the morning (heard Matt preach) and then spent the rest of the day around the house, enjoying being on vacation, the kids played, we enjoyed the beautiful weather, Philip and I went for a wonderful night run and looked at all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood, and we watched "The Christmas Card" (Jeff and I watch this every Christmas). =)

Caleb snoozing on the couch

Keenan playing Mario Cart
(he's quite good!)

After church (while we were waiting for Mom and Jeff to get back from church), I did this drawing on the Etch a Sketch (my first since my Etch a Sketching craze in Mexico in June of 2011).

Christmas Eve brought lots of yummy food preparations, family coming over and some pre Christmas gifts!

Keenan and Isaac playing Life

All the stockings! 

Reagan and Caleb (the oldest and youngest grandkids)

Jessica and I attempted to copy a fruit tree Mom found online - if not tree-like it was delicious!

The table all set and ready (we had our big dinner on Christmas Eve)

The (goofy) kid's table

The adults

The beautiful tree and gifts

Riah and Grandpa

Erik and his girlfriend, Kara

Comet and Isaac

I thought this was funny - all three boys crowded around Isaac's iPod

Jessica biting in to the star on the remains of the tree =)

Stocking time!

Caleb's stocking

Moriah with her pretty stocking

Soo many fun things inside (including lots of fun stuff from Grandma and Grandpa's trip to Hawaii!)

Keenan with his stocking

Go Blue!

Lego sets!

Caleb playing guitar with Uncle Erik

Grandma and Adilyn

Caleb LOVES guitars!

Jessica and I modeling our sexy knee socks =)

Moriah helping Grandma with her stocking

The kids watching a Charlie Brown Christmas in the kitchen

Somehow, during dinner, Erik mentioned needing new underwear.  Since Philip had his name this year, I decided that I just HAD to make him some underwear before Christmas morning!   I got an old t-shirt from Jeff (which happened to have "Eberts" on the back!!) and cut out some underwear..

Here I am sewing them together =)

Philip and I stayed up late, working on Keenan's Christmas gift... we built some of his nearly 6,000 new Legos into a giant "K"!

So much more to come...

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Mom E said...

Wow, I can't believe there's no comments on this story. I love all the pics and thank you for taking them. I loved looking at them again & remembering what a great time we had and how wonderful it was to have you all here. I wish it wouldn't go so fast!