Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas in Merritt Island..

The little stinker that woke Mommy up early but then was so cute and funny she forgave him
(He climbed up on the train table by himself!)
Keenan and his Christmas Lego!

Moriah's dress-up clothes =)

Caleb found out he loves bacon!

Happy boy and his Lego!

Sweet boy in his Christmas pj's

Grandma and all her grandkids
(She gave them all the pj's last night)

Christmas Family picture

Our family (and the ridiculous amount of gifts for us)

Keenan's spaceship from Matt and Jess

Riah and I in our Christmas headgear

Philip and I

Riah's castle

...and the unveiling of the underwear for Erik! =)


In the afternoon we went and hung out with Dad and exchanged gifts with him...

 Three generations of Dooley men working on Lego

 Playing with Papa in the backyard

I love this picture!

 After Philip and I ran tonight, I came back and opened a box of chocolate covered potato chips... better keep runnin'!

Moriah got this set of "Pop Arty" beads from Papa
They are awesome! =)

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Mom E said...

The pics are awesome again and good photo snag on Erik's reaction to his hand sewn gift! hahaha So fun!