Monday, December 10, 2012

Busy Day

This morning we went to the new disc golf course with Josh and Rebekah... and all six of our children. =)  It was actually a lot of fun and was a perfect (abnormally warm) day!

Keenan teeing off
(This disc crashed into my rib cage about half a second after this picture was taken!  Ouch!) =)

Philip and Rebekah watch as Moriah tees of (for about the fourth time on this hole)

The Storey Family =) 

Philip and most of the kids heading to hole 9, where we ended off for today

After disc golf, we had lunch and then I went to help prepare for a birthday party tonight, and then we went for a family bike ride.   It ended badly.   How?   Keenan collided (hard) with the side of a car that pulled out in front of us (from the Taco Bell drive thru lane).   He hit the car, fell on the ground... I started screaming, the car started moving again (with his leg under it!) I pulled him away, the car pulled forward, drove Over his bike... and drove away!!!  What!?  Thankfully (Praise God!)  Keenan was okay, other than a sore knee, but his front tire was demolished.    That was the (sad) end of that bike ride.

Tonight a bunch of girlfriends and I met at my friend Terri's house for a girl's night/gingerbread decorating/surprise early 30th birthday party for Rebekah.   She was Totally surprised and it was a blast!   Terri did a beautiful job with the party, there was Tons of food (including a chocolate fountain a friend let me borrow!) and then we (some of us) decorated our gingerbread houses.

The Gorgeous birthday girl

Group shot
Me, Rebekah, Alaina, Abby
Terri, Melissa, Tiffany, Susan, Nathalie and baby Jane

Here's my house =)


The Woodfords said...

I feel just sick thinking of the bike accident! So very thankful Keenan is alright!

Looks like a fun party - lots of yummy food!! =)

Love to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

ahhh soo sorry to hear about Keenan! But glad that he is ok! I cant believe that someone would just drive off like that! sooo not cool! Praying that Keenas knee will heal quickly!
Love yas

Aunt Jessica said...

oh my goodness, praise God that he's okay! That is so scary. What is wrong with that person to not STOP???

Mom W. said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY JUST DROVE OFF!! Oh my!!! So glad you grabbed Keenan in time!! What an experience!!

Hannah said...

Wow! So glad Keenan is fine! How ignorant that they just drove off!!
That gingerbread house makes me want candy!! I just may grab some:)

Anonymous said...

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