Thursday, December 27, 2012

At the Park with Papa

Mom, Jeff, Isaac and Grandma Eberts left for Ohio this morning. It sure seems quiet around here with just us in the house! We spent part of the day with Dad, Matt, Jess and the kids...

After eating up a bunch of leftovers for lunch, we headed to the park in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather and help the kids burn off some energy.


The Huge climbing rock!

Keenan and Riah on top

The babies swinging together =)

Sweet girl

An underdog for Moriah!

"Look Mom, no hands!"

Being silly with Papa

Unfortunately, right before we arrived, a boy had fallen off the top of one of the play structures and was being loaded onto a stretcher by paramedics.  Shortly after, this helicopter landed right next to us in the football field and took him away!

My climbing girl

The kids with their African Papa =)

Dad and the two little ones

Caleb giving Papa his bunny

So sweet

Hudson and Moriah being sweet together =)

Philip with both the babies when they got up from their naps

Jeff had made these cookies (with cookie molds) the day before Christmas, with the intent that the grandkids would decorate them.  However, time got away from us, and Jeff left this morning... and the cookies were not decorated.  Jessica and I had the kids decorate them this afternoon while they were together, so all Jeff's effort was not in vain.  I decorated the OSU (I can't actually say it on this blog) in his honor.

It was a fun day!   Tomorrow we start our trip home.  What a great visit we have had! =)


Mom W. said...

Woops, someone is going to be doing a playground safety review, that rock looked pretty high too!!

Nice job on the OSU cookie, I am sure Jeff will be pleased.

So you are heading back to the cold part of your state???

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

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Mom E said...

I love, love the pic with Adilyn & Caleb swinging together. Thanks for taking pics of the cookies too. You guys did a great job.