Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Calendar, Etc..

We have a new advent calendar in our house this year!  Philip and I found it a couple weeks ago on our date to Barnes and Noble...

The front

Inside... each day has it's own miniature, four page book that tells a part of the Christmas story

One of the books

So teeny!

They are also ornaments that we then hang on the tree!  I love it!

Some randoms:

Lovin' on Spunky
(something makes me think I already posted this.. oh well)

This is all stuff I found in the couch in the toy room (not the big space under the cushions... that deep down, scary "crease" at the very back)   Crazy...

My two footie pajama cuties walking together

A cute Nativity window cling set Moriah got at C.C.

Our little climber up on the bench in Moriah's room


Mom W. said...

VERY cool calendar!!!! Fun, fun!!

Aunt Heather said...

Joia, We have the same Advent Calendar and our kids have loved it. It was hard to wean them from it; traditions die very hard at our house.

Onesies are the big thing this year aren't they? Our girls have been wanting some for years so they are very happy now. I wouldn't mind a pair myself if my body temperature would cool down.