Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still Here =)

Well,so much for the daily blogging streak. =)

Lots has been going on around here and then every evening as I'm heading to bed, I think, "Shoot!  I didn't blog today!"   Tonight I decided to stay up late and put something on here.

So... now that he's a ripe old one year old, I've FINALLY decided to buckle down and get Caleb to sleep through the night.  (I know, I know, I'm a big old softy and just haven't been able to let him cry).   Since he has still been waking up anywhere between 2 and SIX times a night... this Momma was starting to go a little crazy from sleep deprivation and decided something needed to change! =)   We've been working on it for four nights now and he's doing really well, walking up a lot less and getting good at settling himself back to sleep. =)  Yay!

He's also starting to take some steps!  Exciting stuff!

This is just a sweet picture of Moriah sleeping last night - I love how she has her arms wrapped around this Huge dog and her bunny at the same time =)

Sippin' some Sonic while waiting on friends during a morning of shopping today

Stay tuned... for the adventures of this little trouble maker in our house.... =)

Somebody got into the goldfish!


Hannah said...

I must say i'll consider myself lucky:) Harlene slept through the night at 10 weeks already. Glad you are getting more of your much needed sleep! Keep up the great blogging work! I always look forward to reading your latest and greatest news:)

Mom W. said...

Yay Caleb, sleep is NOT overrated!! Walking? What? Well... I guess he is a year old. Cuteness... Riah sleeping!!