Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving day! The proof is in the fact that there was so much awesomeness going on that I forgot to take very many pictures!

The day started out with a Turkey Trot run, put on by our friends, Terri and Steve (no pictures from that here yet, because I'm hoping to get some of Terri's to add to mine and I'll post about that later).   Very fun!

After the run, we went home, made the green bean casserole, jumped in the shower, changed, and raced out the door to Kevin and Alaina's house.  They hosted us and four other families for Thanksgiving dinner!   Everyone brought food, and the weather was gorgeous so we were all able to eat at one huge table outside!  It. Was. Perfect.

Alaina let me do some of the table decorating...

For the adults place cards I cut out brown paper leaves and did the names in calligraphy

A shot down the table

The kids got little acorn place cards (here's a girl one)

... and here's a boy one (along with one of the corn/candle/raffia hurricane glasses)

The kids and Grandpa Gray with the play house
(they played outside all. day.)

I'm glad I dressed Caleb in heavy duty jean overalls, since he scooted ALL over the yard!

The long table

Philip and I played crocket and for about five minutes Moriah decided she wanted to play too =)

Kevin and the kids heading off for a hike in the woods

Moriah, Judah and Vivi playing babies

Moriah, seconds after dropping her pumpkin pie and watching Ella (who is a smart dog and had been waiting) gobble it up

I love this picture of Caleb being sweet with Devn and Melissa
(especially since their baby #3, a boy is on the way!)

We had tons of A-Mazing food, lots of good laughs, plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and.. after it got dark, a bonfire and singing with guitars!   How blessed we are...

Thank you, Alaina and Kevin for hosting us all (for the WHOLE day!) and for being such great friends!

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Mom W. said...

What a great time. Friends are priceless treasures, not to be ever taken for granted. Some people are so lonely, we who are blessed with precious friends sometimes take it for granted. I know you don't after all the friends you have made there and so many that you have already had to say good bye too. God always seems to fill in with more!! (No saying you don't still prize the old ones =) Enough philosophizing!!