Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random November Stuff

Here are a few catch up pictures from the past week or so...

The kids and I met up with Philip for lunch at the Air Armament Museum and then did a geocache in the woods nearby.

The kids loved this cool orange tank

Beside a C-130

Caleb's first time doing a cache!

Fun musical maracas from Aunt Jessica!

... and a piano from Grandma Eberts =)

My sweet girl

Keenan being super sweet


I love these three soo much!

Our handsome five and a half year old =)

Chick fil A for Caleb's birthday meal (happy guy!)

One of his favorite ways to sleep right now, snuggled up with Two bunnies =)


Mom W. said...

That C -130 sure brings back Congo evacuation memories!!

Cute kids, hope the parcel arrives soon!!

Aunt Jessica said...

oh my gosh, that last bunny sleeping pic is precious!!!!

Mom E said...

All the pics are so cute especially the 2 bunny sleeping pic. Loved the food hanging out of Caleb's mouth pic. How funny. Very handsome pic of Keenan too.