Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kid happenings

Here are some pictures of what's been going on with our sweet kids lately...

Keenan and Moriah playing a new memory game from Grandma W =)

I thought it would be funny to make them "chalk hair".. they loved it!

Geocaching on a beautiful trail...

I love that Philip and Keenan are both in Michigan gear

Philip and Caleb at the cache

The kids and I had a picnic at the park with Rebekah and her kids today...

Caleb is getting soo independent, even without walking!

There's even a slide he can go down by himself

Too sweet for words
(yes, his snaps bust open) =)

Cute picture of all the kids at the top of the slides

Soo determined to climb up here like a big kid! =)

Caleb and Joel, four months apart

My little lady =)
(Much like her Mommy was)

Keenan climbing on and over anything in his path

Love this girl!

We bought Spunky a new bed today.  It is sooo soft!!

As soon as I set it down, Caleb immediately climbed in! =)

Spunky- "Hey dude, this is My bed.."

Caleb - "Well, it seems that we both fit quite nicely"

Spunky - "You're right, here let me kiss you" =)


The Woodfords said...

Aww, cute pics! Love the one of Caleb and Spunky at the end - too funny!!

Love y'all!

The Woodfords said...
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Mom W. said...

OH, that is so cute with them both in the bed!!!

Yes, you are right Joia, Moriah is climbing around much like you did, keeping up with your brothers! =)

Anonymous said...

L :)