Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

  Philip and I were going to do some sort of themed costumes together for our friend's Halloween party, but when he ended up working really late, I changed my mind...

... and went as Superstorm Sandy instead =)

Notice the branch and the upturned car in my hair? =)

The kid's costumes were much cuter...

Princess Moriah

the back

Our little pilot, Caleb, in his flight suit

Sir Keenan, the knight

All three =)

We went to the Gray's for a fun party before heading out to do some trick or treating.

The hosts, General George Washington and his wife, Martha

All the kids

Me and Abby (she was an Olympic basket weaver)

Sweet Riah on the swing

... and with her creepy mom

Caleb loving on Ella

Nick and Nathalie had awesome costumes!
They were farmers with baby Jane in a peapod!

Riah in the candy corn!

Sweet Baby Jane

The kids trick or treating at Kevin and Alaina's before heading around the neighborhood


Mark and Rebekah said...

I feel really dumb, but I didn't get the Sandy thing until it was explained to me. Very creative :)

I LOVE your kids' costumes. The picture of the three of them in their chairs is so cute!

Love you all!

Mom W. said...

Caleb is such a clown! Wait until he is on the go, mischievous!!!

Cool costumes!

Love you all,


Mom E said...

I didn't get the Sandy thing either, but once you explained it, I cracked up! You are SO funny. And the car in your hair was hilarious. Princess Moriah was very beautiful, Sir Keenan very handsome, and Caleb the pilot was adorable! So fun that you have so many friends who all like the same things! Baby Jane was so cute too!