Saturday, November 3, 2012

Farm Day 2012

Today was our Sixth annual Farm Day, and it continues to be one of our family's favorite fall events!

Close to the top of my list is always getting in line (while it's short) for cotton candy!  (Remember, everything here is FREE, so that makes it even better!)

Happy Mama (I later got a pink one, too!)

Our three crazy kids on the stroller =)

Keenan and Moriah Loved this slide on the straw bales!

They had made a Very cushiony landing at the bottom

Back up!

A wave from the top

We were fortunate to get in the line for horseback rides as soon as they started!

Moriah's turn

She's so tiny up on that big horse!

Smiley guy

So much fun!

I also made sure to get a funnel cake...

Oh man, sooo good!

Philip took the kids to the Home Depot building tent...

Keenan working on his bug house

Moriah helping with her heart basket

Caleb trying some funnel cake

Time to decorate her project with stickers

The kids with their first ever snow cones!  (They had more later on)

Face painting - Moriah got a kitty and Keenan got a Michigan M!

Philip and a sleepy Caleb

He got all snuggly with Rebekah in the food line =)

Our family at lunch

The Storeys (what is with Josh's face??)

Finally taking a much needed nap

I love this guy!

Keenan learning how to lasso a steer! =)

The corn trough!  (One of the kid's favorite things)

Philip half buried Caleb =)

He wasn't too sure what to think at first

He just kept turning these kernels over and over in his hand!

Burying Riah

Little toes in the corn

Silly girl

I love this one

On our way out, I thought it would be cute to get a picture of the kids on this wagon...
Caleb was having None of it!

...and off he goes! =)

*Last Farm Day (November 5th, 2011), I was Super pregnant and ended up going into labor the very next day!!

We did a geocache on the Eglin range on the way to Farm Day and Philip and the kids did another one on the way home...

Some rusted out Old cars they came across in the woods

The kids with the cache

Super fun family day!   Got part of the trampoline set up this evening and then went out for a family run... what a great start to November we have had! =)


Mom W. said...

Aw, Wow, what a fun time! Looks like it was a good weather day too. COLD here now.

Love you all,


Aunt Heather said...

Yes, it's freezing. All bundled up in our house!

Mom E said...

I sure wish we had even half the fun things here as you do there! It looks like so much fun! Loved All the photos! Too hard to choose a favorite! You'll have to teach us geocaching when you come at Christmas. :)