Monday, November 19, 2012

Date with Caleb

Dude.  I seriously need to change the name of this blog and stop lying to myself and everyone... not much daily going on around here.  =0/

On Friday night, Philip and I (and Caleb, because he was not feeling great and I figured he'd be super sad without us), went out on a date.   It was fun, we ate at a sports bar and grill (the one where we took Caleb as an infant to see a super late Michigan game), had a fantastic dinner and then spent over an hour at Barnes and Noble, buying fun books (mostly for the kids for Christmas)!

 I love this picture, except it looks like there was no Philip and Caleb was my date! =)

 Funny kid discovered he likes fried pickles!

 Really likes them! =)

Playing with the train table at Barnes and Noble

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Mom W. said...

Fried pickles, really Caleb???? I don't think I have ever tried those!!